“ I regard character building as the proper foundation for the education of boys and girls… all training without culture of the spirit is of no use.”

Showing full reverence in the above words of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, we envisage such a temple of learning where education enables the forming of character, strengthening of mind, widening the intellect and awakening the spirit.

I sincerely extend my heart felt wishes to our Honourable Founder Manager Sri Jai Pal Singh, who has been our motivational spirit, patron and guide. Following his ideology, we have a mission to prepare the future builders with abundant self-confidence, undaunting courage and unflinching strong will power to follow the righteous path of justice, compassion towards one’s fellow being, broad minded outlook with forbearance, duty mindfulness and devotion to the nation’s progress.

I believe in the conviction that a child is a spark plug, not a fuel pipe because we do not aim just to impart knowledge to the children but awaken their interest in it and make them eager to pursue it for themselves. We want to ignite the young minds with tough spirit to face the global challenges.

We aim to mould our students to be
Bold but not the Bully
Humble but not Apologetic
Confident but not Conceited
Proud but not Arrogant
Tender but not Weak
Strong but not Rude
Firm but not Stubborn
Cool but not Cold
In love with life but ready to Die for Country
Wise but not Otherwise

I wish my children to grow from excellence to further excellence.

Nirmal Tandon